Samantha is a highly requested keynote speaker who loves sharing anything science anywhere & EVERYWHERE, to everyone!

… and yes, anywhere includes:

  • presenting her research on the busy streets at Yonge & Dundas Square

  • talking ringside about performance anxiety with Muay Thai fighters

  • answering questions about the brain in a yurt at 1am for the all-night art festival Nuit Blanche

  • sharing the science of celebrity worship live from the Red Carpet at the 2019 JUNO Awards

  • co-hosting a livestream with a Canadian Space Agency Astronaut … who was floating around in SPACE!

    Samantha is also an experienced event host & panel moderator, who has hosted events for the City of Toronto, the Canadian Space Agency, the Ontario Science Centre, and TEDxUofT. She’s hosted training workshops and talked about best practises in science communication at the USA Science and Engineering Festival; at the 2018 Annual Science Writers and Communicators of Canada Conference; on countless live webinars for clients like the Stem Cell Network, Evidence for Democracy, and Science Rendezvous; and as the Keynote at ComSciCon Michigan 2019.

Samantha is an adaptive speaker ready to do the research needed to communicate any scientific topic with accuracy and entertainment. Her most popular talk topics include:

Your Mind-Blowing Brain

Stem Cell Hype vs Hope

Following a Love of Science Anywhere & Everywhere: My Path to Grad School & Beyond

From Mindless Scrolling to Handshakes: Social Media for Personal Branding & Career Development

Social Media for SciComm: Tips & Tricks


On March 25th 2019, Samantha and Pierre-Yves Lord co-hosted a livestream Q&A with CSA Astronaut David Saint-Jacques, who tuned in live from the International Space Station!

samantha vos talk.jpg

science is for everyone

When planning your event, please implement the following simple considerations to make it accessible and inclusive for everyone.

  • Gender-affirming washroom signage

  • Organizers will lead a well-researched land acknowledgement if audience is majority settlers

  • Accessibility (wheelchair access, dietary accommodations, visibility & acoustic accommodations eg. use of Google slides live CC feature)

  • Speaker representation that is reflective of the community’s diversity

  • Financial support for ticket fees (can include inviting guests to sponsor extra tickets if the budget is tight)

Please note that upon receiving any event invitation, it is part of Samantha’s personal and professional policy to inquire whether the minimum criteria above will be met prior to confirming attendance or participation. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns about these criteria or if your team requires additional resources or assistance to make their implementation possible. You can learn more about why these elements are a necessary part of any event here.