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Samantha is a highly requested speaker for a variety of organizations, schools, and companies. Previous speaking engagements include presentations at the USA Science and Engineering Festival, the Ontario Science Centre, and the 2018 Annual Science Writers and Communicators of Canada Conference; a live webinar via Evidence for Democracy; and the Keynote Talk at the Cedarlane Annual Expo.

She frequently gives talks and hosts hands-on workshops for all audiences on topics including:

Your Mind-Blowing Brain
Why Stem Cells Are the Coolest Cells in Your Body
Building the Brain: Everything we Know About How Your Brain Was Formed
My PhD Research & Path to Grad School
Current Research and Future Frontiers in Neuroscience and/or Stem Cell Biology
How to Use Social Media as a Networking Tool at Any Age
Impact of Science Communication on Social Media
Social Media for Science: Tips & Tricks
Mental Health in Higher Education
Personal Branding and Career Exploration in STEM
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in STEM


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Public Presentation at the Ontario Science Centre for the International Day for Women & Girls in Science

Neuroscience of Performance Anxiety Talk @ TKMT Gym

I brought my brain samples and favourite neuroscience facts to the Toronto Kickboxing and Muay Thai Academy to talk to fighters about the neuroscience and psychology behind performance anxiety. No slides, no mic - just a conversation about mental health.... plus a few squishy brains.

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Hands-On Workshop on using Social Media for Science at the University of Ottawa.

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Public Presentation at the Toronto Harbourfront Centre for Soapbox Science

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Guest Lecture at 2017 International Altmetrics Conference about New Methods of Science Communication by Scientists

When planning your event, please keep in mind the following simple considerations to make it accessible and inclusive for everyone.

  • Gender-inclusive washroom signage

  • Territory acknowledgement

  • Accessibility (wheelchair access, dietary accommodations, visibility & acoustic accommodations)

  • Speaker representation that is reflective of the community’s diversity

  • Financial support for ticket fees (can include inviting guests to sponsor extra tickets if your organization does not have addition funding)

Please note that as part of my commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion, I will always ask about these considerations before agreeing to participate in an event. I’d be happy to send additional resources to make their implementation possible, and appreciate your support in prioritizing inclusion.