CBC Gem’s Jensplaining S1E5: Online Advice, ft. Science Sam’s hot takes on #health on Instagram

#BeWhatYouSee collaboration with GE Canada

Narration for AsapSCIENCE’s video on what kills brain cells!


Samantha worked as a freelance script writer and host for Seeker, which reaches millions of people across the world with the latest STEM stories via videos and images on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Events & Interviews

Interviews with about equity, diversity, and inclusion in STEM, and her phd research at the USA Science and Engineering Festival 2018 in Washington, DC

Perspectives on how to get young people excited about science, and why diversity and inclusion in STEM are so important.

New ideas in neuroscience that make the human brain even more fascinating!

Interview with Danni Washington at the USA Science and Engineering Festival 2018

Soapbox Science in Toronto (2 events)

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