Samantha is passionate about empowering folks to participate in scientific conversations by making science more familiar, accessible, and inclusive. Her formal training in academia and extensive experience in communication means she is uniquely poised to distill complex, jargon-filled science in fun and interactive ways that everyone can enjoy.

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Samantha shared how the beauty in our biology makes us more compassionate on the TEDx stage; talked about the science of celebrity worship on the red carpet at the JUNO Music Awards; delved into the mysteries of the 60 billion neutrinos passing through your thumbnail every second live on the Radio; and crushed a pop can with the invisible power of air pressure for TVO kids.

What is helium, and why a shortage is worrisome

Guess what MRIs, scuba gear and party balloons all have in common? Helium! There are a whole lot of uses for helium beyond making balloons all floaty for birthday parties. And there'a a global shortage of helium right now, which could last for a while yet.


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