I use my Instagram account to engage everyone with science and the variety of interesting people who do it.

I started my account by posting weekly #ScienceSunday and #FeatureFriday posts intended for everyone -- from those who do science everyday, to those whose last exposure to science was in highschool ... plus anyone in between! The reception of these posts were overwhelmingly positive and I am so proud that they inspired others to share and seek more science on social media.

I've since retired the above hashtags so I can post a variety of content more frequently, but you can find older posts from these # campaigns organized thematically below. 


The following are the most recent #FeatureFriday posts on my Instagram account showcasing the awesome diversity of the people doing today's science. I want to redefine the image of a scientist and promote a more inclusive scientific community by shining a light on the less stereotypical faces of science. You can check out my Instagram account for more!

If you want to show off your face as the future face of science, please do not hesitate to contact me so we can collaborate on a #FeatureFriday post for my Instagram project.


Below is a curation of the most recent #ScienceSunday posts from my Instagram account, which highlight the everyday excitement of science and biology research. Explained with just enough detail to keep you interested, no matter your familiarity with biology.

If you have a cool picture of your work that you'd like to share, please contact me! I'm always happy to showcase other people's work with due credit (tagging, mentions, etc.).


I started this hashtag on Instagram and Twitter in response to an ad I saw at a local drugstore that said, "Skip Class NOT Concealer!" However subtly, this campaign reinforced harmful stereotypes that women should care more about their appearance than anything else, and also implied that liking makeup and school are mutually exclusive.

One of the main goals of my account is to break stereotypes about the type of people who do science because it is important to show that we are regular and relatable people whose work can be trusted. I felt this ad worked against a lot of my advocacy efforts and was so overwhelmed with the response it received from the international social media community.

Below are just some of the hundreds of responses other people shared in support of my initial posts on Instagram and Twitter, which really show the power and positive impact of social media when used with mindful and good intent.

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