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For over 3 years, Samantha has been bringing accessible and entertaining educational content to an audience of over 50k people across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. She brings scientific expertise & accuracy, strong social values, and years of digital marketing experience to every collaboration. A scientist first, Samantha is highly selective and always transparent with professional partnerships – her audience’s trust is her number one priority.

Samantha has worked with world leaders in STEM and education, including 3M, GE, the Ontario Science Centre, and the Canadian Space Agency, in addition to consumer brands like Lady SpeedStick, BenchSci, and ThermoFisher Scientific. Below are examples of some past brand collaborations, but the exosphere’s the limit! Whether it’s your first time using social media influencer marketing or you’re looking to take your next big campaign to the next level, you can reach out here to discuss exciting new strategies that meet your goals and budget.

STEM Conference Promotion & Live Coverage

From hashtag and promotion strategy to live coverage to encourage broad engagement, Samantha can help the important science happening at your event extend beyond the venue’s walls. She’s translated technical presentations into online edu-tainment from academic conferences, museum tours, behind-the-scenes interviews with scientists, and even the Red Carpet at the 2019 JUNO Music Awards!

blogging & Science writing

An experienced blogger with a strong distribution network, Samantha can cover topics from academic mentorship and career advice to technical scientific research for posting on her Medium page or your website.

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blog post to promote networking event read >1k times

in partnership with GIBCO & ThermoFisher Scientific

video & livestream hosting

Samantha is an experienced video and event host who can deliver quality solo & in-the-moment off her iPhone, or alongside a full video production team. She’s appeared on some of the top science YouTube channels like AsapSCIENCE and Seeker; been a guest expert on TV shows on TVO Kids, Leafs Nation Network, CTV, and CBC Gem; and produced and hosted branded videos for GE Canada, Lady SpeedStick, and 3M.

The final video in the 4-part #BeWhatYouSee video series ft. GE Aviation Lean Manufacturing Engineer Rebecca Cresta, in collaboration with GE Canada. Video was scripted & hosted by Samantha.

LIVE - David Saint-Jacques answers questions from social media community from space

Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques answers questions from Canadian Space Agency’s social media community during a live event from space. TV host Pierre-Yves Lord and science communicator Samantha Yammine participate in the event. Credits: Canadian Space Agency, NASA

Posted by Canadian Space Agency on Monday, 25 March 2019

Brand Awareness & Educational Social Media Content

Share your science with an engaged & enthusiastic community… unless your “science” is an unproven supplement or stem cell procedure in which case, NO THANKS >.<