Collection of Published Science Writing

Technical Writing (primary academic papers)

Graphical Abstract - Targeted Activation.jpg

Targeted Activation of primitive neural stem cells in the mouse brain.

Rachel L. Reeve, Samantha Z. Yammine, Brian DeVeale, and Derek van der Kooy.

European Journal of Neuroscience


Creative and Journalistic Writing


Dear stressed out science student: here are the answers to your questions about #sciencelife.

A summary of my top tips and pieces of advice for those considering a career in science, based off an Instagram livestream Q & A I hosted with > 500 people tuning in.

Funding the future: Highlights from Bloom Burton & Co.’s Healthcare Investor Conference.

I got to attend a Healthcare Investor Conference as media for the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine, and here's my summary of the 2-day event on Signals Blog, their official blog.

Avalanches of exciting new stem cell research at the Keystone Symposia near Lake Tahoe.

Guest blog post for The Stem Cellar, official blog for the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine.

Multiple filters for stem cell research at Canadian stem cell conference.

Guest blog post for The Niche, renowned stem cell blog by scientist Dr. Paul Knoepfler.

Regeneration at your fingertips... literally.

Guest blog post for OIRM Expression about a recent publication that shows how cells associated with nerves facilitate regeneration of injured digit tips in mice.

The slippery slope of genetic ethics.

Longform journalistic piece on the ethical implications of the genetic revolution, published in The Varsity Magazine in November 2015.

The science of funding science.

Investigative piece on the challenges of funding science research in Canada, published in The Varsity in November 2015.

Science in Brief: Tooth emergence patterns in Darwinius fossil support new evolutionary history.

Short local research highlight for The Varsity.

Spooky Halloween Cells.

Gallery of scientific images edited to a Halloween theme with brief descriptions of what they look like and what they actually are. Published in The VarsityAll images my own unless otherwise stated.