One of the many reasons why I wanted to share my science journey on social media was to empower others to pursue their own ambitions. I intend to create a variety of resources for aspiring scientists/academics based on my own personal experiences and observations of those around me.

This page will continue to grow, but for now the 2 articles below outline some of the main questions that you might have if you are an undergraduate in the Life Sciences. Let me know what other questions you have via Twitter and stay tuned for a new project with in-depth advice and academic mentorship coming soon!


How to get a research position as a U of T undergrad

I get asked question a lot from the students I teach at U of T, so decided to turn my reply emails into a mini guide.


Dear stressed out science student: here are the answers to your questions about #sciencelife

An academic listicle based on popular questions I receive on social media about becoming a scientist